Craftsman India Online was founded on the back of a life-changing adventure to explore Handcrafts across India. Mesmerized by the skill of India Craftsmen, It was spontaneous decision to provide them a better platform and opportunity to sell there products.  
We started back in 2017 in association four finest skilled Craftsmen from Kerala.  Today our team and products may have grown, we are associated with more than 200 skilled Craftsmen across India.


Craftsman India Online is associated with more than Two Hundred Craftsmen Directly or Indirectly. Most of them are aged and where finding it difficult to sell there products at a decent margin. Most of the time middlemen and Lobbies where eating up major share of there profits. At craftsman India Online we integrated them, Advance them and provide raw material. Monitor and support throughout crafting process, and Procure finished products in bulk. We support and Motivate Craftsmen to scaleup there skills and upbringing a craft that was at the verge of extinction.