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Benefits of using Earthen cookware | Clay pots| Terracotta Cookware

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Health Benefits

Cooking in clay pots is very safe and protects you from chemicals that can harm the body. Vitamins and other nutrients remain intact when cooked in clay pots due to the uniform circulation of steam. Clay pots provide calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, sulfur, and various other minerals to food that are essential components for keeping the body healthy and lively.

Cooking Benefits

Earthenware clay is porous and provides moisture and heat circulation during the firing process. The pot is immersed in water before cooking and steam is released during cooking, eliminating the use of oil and fat. Being alkalized, these pots also reduce the acidity of the food. These clay pots are manufactured in a safe and protected environment maintaining total hygiene.

Boost your Immune System

By cooking in clay pots we boost our immunity. Crock pots add vitamin B12 to food. More on clay pots detoxifies food. Clay pot-induced probiotics greatly enhance our immunity. Vitamin A, D, B3, B9, and Vitamin C are enhanced when cooked in crock pots. If cooked in metal pots, these vitamins would be lost from the food. For immunity we need minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron and magnesium. These minerals and their nutritional value are retained and enhanced by cooking them in clay pots.

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